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Lair of the Schnozz.

Anonymous said: I'm a p sexual person, but a sex scene that's just there so the viewers can see sex just annoys me. Same with an attractive person in a bad movie. I hate the Hollywood idea that "attractiveness" is only sexual and only looks exactly like narrow idea of beauty they're trying to sell. I like diversity in characteristics, different body types, deep lines, wrinkles, uneven skin, too small or too big features, too hairy. It's closer to what I experience in life.

Ah, yeah, absolutely. There’s way too much emphasis on sex in Hollywood. Everywhere you turn, it’s young, virile people with prefect features and “hot bods”. It’s unrealistic, uninteresting, overdone, and it block the path for so many other things they could be doing.

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God forbid I ever cast a movie, ‘cuz you know it will bomb like a mad fuck since I would pretty much flat-out refuse to cast a single conventionally “hot” person in it. And there would be no sexytimes. None. Nothing will be sexy. Everything will be gross.

When I do a search for this asshole

I should not being getting nothing but whatever THIS

bullshit is as a result. Yes, again, let’s disregard canon and make every character a sexy mcsex-machine.

I just don’t understand…


80s airbrush poster for Necropolis (1987) (a.k.a. Necropolis: city of the dead)


80s airbrush poster for Necropolis (1987) (a.k.a. Necropolis: city of the dead)

disasterscenario replied to your post: There’s a DVD release of Pinocchio in …

Whoa whoa I’ve never heard of this thing but it looks kinda fun! (also I can’t say no to retro space stuff)

It’s an awesome Belgian animated movie from the 60’s, very retro, very obscure. The space stuff is GREAT, all the backgrounds are gorgeous! I highly recommend it, it’s one of my favourite movies. The whole thing’s on youtube, too.

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