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Little Richard being completely serious (x)

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Under-appreciated And Under-seen: A Horror Film Top Ten.


"Noroi: The Curse"


Combining the best of the found-footage horror sub-genre with a surprisingly rich mystery and mythology, “Noroi” succeeds on many levels.

It details the final days leading up to the disappearance of a famed paranormal investigator who was investigating a specific…

Anonymous said: I really feel that post. I often don't try with fandoms because my expectations are really high so I usually cheer from the sidelines.

You ‘n’ me, sittin’ on the sidelines. Yeah, I gave up trying to get involved with most fandoms a long time ago.

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Though, to be fair, I dislike 98% of all fandoms in general. So it’s really just me, I’m the problem. I’m overly critical and my expectations are too high.

Anonymous said: Out of curiosity, what kind of exploiting of cannon would you like to see in WTNV fan-ficition?

Oh, haha, I don’t read WtNV fanfiction (besides what I’ve glanced at in the tag). I was talking about the fandom’s general output as a whole. In that respect, though, I’d really like to see more designs— every kind of design. Logical, illogical, gross, beautiful, gnarly, etc.  And more focus on the show’s surreality, the dystopic aspects, the metaphysical aspects, the dark humour. The most surreal and dark I’ve seen this fandom get is “oh, haha, I’m covered in blood and grinning wickedly” + some lite body horror. I’d like to see some stuff that hasn’t been done a thousand times before.

I think the highest hope I could possibly have for the fandom is for it to actually improve upon the original podcast and bring some subtlety to Night Vale. ‘Cuz that’s my one big complaint with the series, everything’s very in-your-face. Which is great, sometimes, but when it’s just batshit thing after batshit thing, it loses its impact and I lose my interest. I’d really like to see the fandom bring some quiet, sinister, beautiful subtlety to the thing. Like, y’know how in a Charles Addams cartoon, you have to look at the image for a very long time to notice that something’s wrong, to get the joke? I’d really like to see that kind of aesthetic applied to WtNV.

But I am just one unreasonable, impertinent bastard, don’t pay attention to my whining. This is just my little fantasy, I am fully aware that I have no right to make unreasonable demands or accusations on an already content fandom. As long as they’re having fun, I’m happy. I’ll just be over here being gross and doin’ my own thing.

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Anonymous said: Out of morbid curiosity, what's the "obvious" reason you can't be apart of the Welcome to Night Vale fandom?

I just find the fandom to be very limited. I can’t get into the “standard” headcanon designs, which are, unfortunately, the only designs I ever see. I’m not crazy about the emphasis the fandom puts on the ship and how they apply generic fanfiction tropes to characters and situations instead of exploring and exploiting the hell out of the podcast’s surreal/metaphysical/supernatural elements. The fandom and I are moving in very different directions. Neither one is “wrong” or anything, ‘s just the way it is. Just not my kinda thing.

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Would it be helpful to people in general if I started tagging posts with actual tags and not just tw warnings and dumb comments?

I don’t know what the WtNV peeps were expecting when they initially followed me, but whatever it was, I obviously ain’t it. I’m not a fandom blog, guys, I post and draw a little bit of everything. If you followed me thinking this was gonna be solely a WtNV experience, then, yeah, please go ahead and continue unfollowing me.


A behind the scenes look of the mirror scene in Evil Dead 2.

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